National Days of Service

National Days of Service are celebrated events that bring people together in their local communities, schools and neighborhoods to highlight a particular need, find a solution and renew our sense of commitment to community service.

Here at HandsOn Battle Creek, we celebrate each national service day differently. For some, we have a coordinated approach to involvement, using these days to benefit and involve volunteers in group projects in meaningful ways. For others, we promote already existing projects in the community as a way for volunteers to give back. For each Day of Service, we will provide information about what is happening.  You can always search for opportunities on GiveGab.

While Days of Service are high impact one-day events, they are only pieces of a larger strategic community volunteer plan. For many people they represent a way to get started in volunteering, either by oneself, with family and friends, in service organizations, or with an employer sponsored group.

The best Days of Service projects are those that stimulate and inspire you to go one step further in helping others and in solving community problems.

Notable Days of Service

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January – To help keep Dr. King’s legacy of service to others alive in communities across the country.

Global and National Youth Service Day

April – To empower young people, highlighting their ongoing contributions to their communities and mobilizing their energy, commitment, and idealism through sustainable service.

National Volunteer Week

April – To recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers at the local, state and national levels.

9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

September 11 – to remember and serve in tribute to all of those who were lost in the terrorist attacks and the tens of thousands who rose in service on 9/11/2001. Click here to view resources related to planning a 9/11 Day of Service project.

Make A Difference Day

October – To inspire and reward volunteers. Everyone who helps others on this day and submits an entry form is eligible for a national or local award and for a cash donation to a charitable cause.

National Family Volunteer Day

November – To call families across America to work together in volunteer service to strengthen their families, communities, local businesses, and non-profit organizations.